Sensor Tower Clash of Clan’s battle pass

Do you wonder why Battle Hotness is new in gaming monetization? According to the market analyst Sensor Tower, since 2012, the Clash of Clans, which had been debuted as a Gold Pass, was a hit during 2012. It was 145% higher than last week.

The mobile free-to-play game is about 2.5 times the week-week increase. During the first week of Gold Pass, players spent approximately $ 3.9 million a day.

The Battle Pass, also called Season Pass, has captured the robbery box as a popular method of monetizing a game after its launch. Players spend money to use a progress system which unlocks new items, usually cosmetics, as they play. Not only does this earn money, but it encourages buyers to play the game.

Fortnite Mobile also made season pass popular. Prior to this, games like Call of Duty will sell a "season pass" which will provide access to story-based or multiplayer downloadable content over time. Now this fight focuses on the acquired cosmetics through the game. Other online games like Rocket League and Apex Legends also adopted this system.

Clan's Gold Pass Conflict helped 46 countries to reach top five revenue points for iPhone games. U.S. Gold price is $ 5, and the struggle for tribute was first on October 1, 2017, at number one on the country's app store's overall top earning list for the first time when the war was over.

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