AMD Ryzen APU Coming soon with GPD Win 2 Max Gaming PC

Handheld gaming with inbuilt QWERTY keyboards and thumbsticks seems absurd at all levels about PCs. But in GPD, people are trying to break into a small and niche market with their upcoming GPD Win 2 Max. This "portable PC" packs an AMD API in its belt, which is allegedly operated by a 25W AMD Reisen CPU and a Vega GPU. Win 2 Max is a follow up of GPD Win 2, powered by Intel's KB-Lake chipset.

The new Win2 Max chipset is also expected to work with 15W power and 7-inch touch display to increase battery life, which will be touted with resolution of 1280 × 800 resolution and 8 GB RAM. These specs will definitely not be able to run the latest AAA game in the maximum setting, but with just a few agreements, it can only work.

Win 2 Max will also have a 128GB user switchable M.2 SSD with a 4900 mAh battery. In addition, older GPD Win was notorious for its overhauling issues, and it would be interesting to see how the company deals with this issue, while simultaneously handling the handheld giants - Nintendo Switch, and competing against the big library of their particular game Is trying

Although the device is expected to ship at the end of this year, the official price has not yet been revealed, but with its previous recurrence, it should be between $ 750 - $ 850 USD.

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