Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is coming this year

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is coming this year
With a step that will surprise a lot of people, Xiaomi has announced during its quarterly earning call that this year's successful fitness tracker, the Mi Band will get an enhanced release. Huayi's Chief Financial Officer, Mr. David Cui was asked whether Mi Band 4 was released for March or April 2019, and while the answer to that specific question is in the negative, it confirms that Mi's The successor is Band 3 this year is about to come.

"For Mi Band 4, it's going to be this year. It will be in 2019. But I'm not sure [if] it's going to happen in March and April. But, it's going to be this year. Every generation we learn something, we always do better. And [for] MI Band 3 - You can put a look at the amount of 2018, right. It's actually much better than the previous version. Therefore, we hope that the Mi Band 4 will have similar trends. So once we launch Mi Band 4, we expect that the product will sell well. In present, MI Band 3 is still salling very well. The margin is not shrinking, the shipment is not shrinking. So we will be working with Xiaomi in the year to launch Mi Band 4 in the right time. "

Mr. David Cui, Chief Financial Officer, Humi
Huomie is the exclusive provider of wearable technology for Xiaomi. The company works in close partnership with Xiaomi because it is also supported by Xiaomi, but it retains the flexibility to launch its own set under the Amazfit brand.
There are some key pieces from Mr. Qui's statements. When another smart watch not get ao much success, Xiaomi smart watch got a lot of success so they decide to launch a new generation of their smart watch. In 2018, Huami increased its revenue by 78%, mainly through the strong sales of Xiaomi's Mi Band and Huami's AmazPet Smartband. Xiaomi is adding new techniques and features to every new generation of its new trackers, and Mi Band 4 is expected to follow this trend. However, in fact what will happen, at this level there is an estimate, ranging from one color display to ECG facilities.

For now, the Mi Band 3 is not going anywhere at least for the next few months. As someone who has been using the MI band for more than two years, I can say that they do it for the attractive purchase decision.

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